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ルクセンブルク経済省 東京貿易投資事務所

〒102-0081 東京都千代田区四番町8-9
(+81) 03 32 65 96 21
(+81) 03 32 65 96 24
松野百合子 / Yuriko MATSUNO
エグゼクティブ・ディレクター / Executive Director
中丸直哉 / Naoya NAKAMARU
セールス・マーケティング・マネージャー / Sales & Marketing Manager
長窪良恩子 / Ryoko NAGAKUBO
アシスタント / Assistant


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Luxembourg, your automotive business partner
FOCUS magazine 1 - Automotive components made in Luxembourg
FOCUS magazine 10 - Future manufacturing technologies
FOCUS magazine 2 - A thriving space industry
FOCUS magazine 3 - Environmental innovators hit the spotlight
FOCUS magazine 4 - High hopes for health
FOCUS magazine 5 - Leading the way in ICT security
FOCUS magazine 6 - Making materials smarter
FOCUS magazine 7 – A home for growth
FOCUS magazine 8 - A green Heart for Logistics
FOCUS magazine 9 - Space: Expanding the frontiers of innovation
Foreign Researcher’s Guide to Luxembourg
ICT Spring 2016 プレスリリース
ICT Spring participating companies list 2016
ICT Spring 参加企業一覧
ICT Spring 参加企業募集説明会 資料①
ICT Spring 参加企業募集説明会 資料②
ICT Spring 参加企業募集説明会 資料③
Info Lux Logi Seminar 2016.6.13
invitatio winetasting 20160803
Just arrived
LogiSemi reply sheet
Logistics Hub Luxembourg, Putting Europe at your fingertips
Luxembourg in Figures
Luxembourg Space Capabilities
Luxembourg – an attractive location for Treasury and Corporate Finance operations
Luxembourg, a pioneer in space
Luxembourg, an attractive IP destination - publication cover
Luxembourg, an attractive IP destination
Luxembourg, sights and attractions
Luxembourg, Your European eBusiness Platform
Luxembourg, Your European eBusiness Platform
Luxembourg, your prime business location
Luxembourg: a Gateway to Space 20160603
Visit Luxembourg
ファナック ルクセンブルクに新欧州配送センター設立
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