A writer at The Times names Luxembourg "Europe's best hiking destination"“It’s easy to overlook diminutive Luxembourg, but the new Minett Trail offers walkers quirky places to stay, lush forests and abandoned mines.”

This is how The Times writer James Patterson starts his article about a four-day hike through the Red Rock region in the very south of Luxembourg bordering France. A trip that would take him through green pastures, abandoned open-pit mines, forests and the campus of the University of Luxembourg. The nights were spent in hikers’ huts along the trail linked to the region’s industrial past.

“Rather than overlook its industrial heritage, Luxembourg has leant into it,” Mr Patterson writes. “There is public pride in the hardworking past of Minett that continues to benefit the country, from the rail system and the immigration that created a varied society to the tripartite, the close co-operation between government, employers and unions —known as the ‘Luxembourg model’ — that helps it all to run so smoothly.”

Photo credits: © André Schösser-LFT