Intensive early-age education and training of autistic children, to enhance their ability to communicate and interact with others, can radically improve these children’s lives. However, a major obstacle is the lack of specialised teachers and adequate therapies to respond to this vital need. LuxAI has developed QTrobot to help overcome this challenge.

Helping autistic children communicate

Based on technology developed at the University of Luxembourg, this humanoid robot teaches autistic children facial expressions and emotions as well as body language. The messages sent out are simplified and can be more easily assimilated. They can also be repeated as many times as necessary. Children enjoy interacting with the cute device, and tests indicate that they demonstrate less stress and disruptive behaviour than when working with a human teacher.

LuxAI’s aim is to make it possible to use QTrobot wherever needed – at specialised clinics, in the classroom or even at home. The technology has been developed to make it possible for anyone to adapt the robot to their training and therapy needs without having any specific IT knowledge.

CES innovation award for a better world

LuxAI was one of 16 start-ups selected to represent Luxembourg at CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. CES is the biggest technology and innovation event in the world, attracting 4,400 exhibiting companies and over 182,000 visitors. “CES is the most well-known place to showcase new technologies to a global audience, and offers great opportunities to get in touch with all stakeholders and potential partners,” says Dr Aida Nazarikhorram, co-founder and Chief Information Officer of LuxAI.

LuxAI and QTrobot were put under the spotlight as one of the laureates in the category “Tech for a better world” of the annual CES Innovation Award – a great honour for the young company. “Winning this award shows that our efforts to create an impact on a global healthcare challenge has been successful,” Dr Nazarikhorram points out. “It also created a global awareness about QTrobot and its added value.”

Dr Nazarikhorram greatly appreciated the opportunity to be at the Luxembourg stand at CES: “We met many influencers, key opinion leaders and international distributors who are willing to support us with the introduction of QTrobot in many different geographical markets. After the fair, we have been overwhelmed by the number of e-mails received from customers and potential collaborators.”