The 2022 FM Global Resilience Index ranks 130 countries and territories around the world according to the relative resilience of their business environment. The aim is to provide senior executives with information about a country’s vulnerability to disruptive events and its ability to recover swiftly.

2022 FM Global Resilience Index: rankingThe ranking is based on 15 drivers of resiliated composed into three main factors:

  • Economic: productivity, political risk, urbanisation rate, energy intensity and health expenditure
  • Risk quality: seismic risk exposure, climate risk exposure, climate risk quality, fire risk quality, cyber risk quality
  • Supply chain: infrastructure quality, control of corruption, corporate governance, supply chain visibility, supply chain timeliness

3rd most resilient economy

Just like in 2021, Luxembourg comes out as the world’s third most resilient economy and strengthens its global score from 96.7 to 97.5. Denmark still tops the ranking, followed by Switzerland that was in 5th place in 2021.

Luxembourg also remains #1 in the economic category with the score 100/100, in particular due to its high productivity and low political risk. In ranks 15th (the same as in 2021) in the risk quality category with very low exposure to seismic and climate risk. The country also keeps its 25th place in the supply chain category, where it ranks 8th for infrastructure quality and 28th for supply chain timeliness.