“Protection”. “Equality”. “Openness”. “Safety”. “Solidarity”. “Respect”.

This is how some of the participants in the video “Europe – Different Together” summarise Europe in one word.

Luxembourg is one of the founding members of the European Union and member of the Eurozone. Home to a wide range of EU institutions – the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Court of Auditors, the Court of Justice and the European Investment Bank, to mention just a few – it is also considered as one of the “EU capitals”. With its multicultural population, highly open economy and constant exchange with its neighbouring countries, it is known for being much attached to the European idea of openness and diversity.

My job would be impossible to do if the borders were closed.

When the Inspiring Luxembourg initiative asked Luxembourg residents to express their view on what Europe means to them, openness, diversity and tolerance were among the main themes. “The thing I value personally about Europe is its openness,” one of the participants points out. “To live in Europe is a gift. It really is something that we often take for granted: the ability to move around in these European countries,” a young woman says. “My job would be impossible to do if the borders were closed,” one man points out.

A statement by a young man sums it all up: “The most important value in Europe is that we are different but similar.”

Image credits: Inspiring Luxembourg