Luxembourg is home to a vibrant space economy including approximately 50 companies and research labs that together employ over 800 people. The space industry in Luxembourg has continued to grow and diversify, with three identifiable segments:

  • The space segment: manufacturing of satellite and instrument structures, system integration of micro-satellites, electric propulsion for satellites, robotic payloads, in-space manufacturing, composites, RF payloads, FPGA.
  • The ground segment: ground station development, mechanical and electrical ground support equipment, communication networks, operations.
  • The service segment: teleport services, satellite-based media and telecommunications services, risk management services, data analytics, environmental applications and services, aeronautical information services, analytics platform.

The space directory published by the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) highlights the core business, product, services and major space projects of these companies, with the aim of facilitating the identification for potential business and innovation projects – the kind of work that will result in the next generation of space technologies.