• Name: Marie-Hélène Massard
  • Occupation: CEO of AXA Luxembourg
  • Nationality: from France
  • Home: living in Luxembourg since 2012

Arriving in Luxembourg in 2012 after five years in Poland, Marie-Hélène Massard discovered “a country on a human scale, with a lot of dynamism
and the will to reinvent itself to remain competitive”. Chief Executive Officer of one of the country’s leading insurance companies and Chair, for two
years, of the Luxembourg association of insurance companies, this 46-year-old Frenchwoman was able to appreciate the quality of public-private
partnerships in Luxembourg: “they work well and are a catalyst for business innovation and growth.”

She likes the Place de la Constitution “and the very beautiful view from the foot of the Gelle Fra (“Golden Lady”) statue, a woman who symbolises freedom and resistance.”

Photo credit: Maison Moderne/Jan Hanrion