Text by Visit Luxembourg

Its landscapes, which get more sun than anywhere else in the country and include vineyards that stretch between forests, sharp cliffs, and the calm waters of the Moselle, beckon you for walking and cycling. The river itself is also perfect for those who love fishing or doing water sports.

Luxembourg's Moselle regionThanks to the rich land which is 225 million years old and waves of migration, notably Celtic and Roman, Luxembourg’s Moselle region has been able to carry on its gastronomic traditions by harmoniously blending the products of its vineyards and their popular grape varieties (Riesling, Auxerrois, and pinots), its orchards (cherries, mirabelles, quetsches, apples, pears), and its waterways (trout, pike, zander).

Local winegrowers, producers, and restaurateurs are proud to welcome visitors in search of delicious flavours and inspiration and share with them the local culture and know-how in a close, friendly setting.

Photo: Tristan Schmurr